Sarah Donovan ATC, C.Ped

Sarah studied Athletic Training in the Exercise Science Department at Ithaca College.  Here, she studied human movement and kinetics, while she specialized in athletic training, focusing on injury prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation.

As a Certified Athletic Trainer, Sarah treated athletes participating in 22 different sports. During this time, her passion for injury prevention grew to a larger scale. She became interested in keeping people active beyond their athletic career and through out their entire life. Sarah became a Certified Pedorthist, trained in fitting and fabricating footwear and orthotic devices affecting the lower limb. After she finished her certification, she completed an apprenticeship in Germany to further her skill in design and fabrication of custom orthotics.

"At different stages in life, the activities we participate in change. It doesn't matter what activity you choose as long as you keep your body moving. I believe an active lifestyle improves quality of life and I am passionate about preventing injury so people can remain active at every age"